Liberty Canyon Wildlife Crossing

Photo by the National Park Service shows the mountain lion known as P-22 who is running out of land to call home


Preservation of the Liberty Canyon corridor properties is critical in facilitating the movement of new mountain lions, thus insuring continued existence of mountain lions in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area (SMMNRA).  

Mountain lions with new genetic diversity need to be able to move through the region’s mountain ranges and find refuge. Lion P12 crossed through the Liberty Canyon Wildlife Corridor in 2009 bringing new genetic diversity to the mountain lion population in our national park.

SOS Board Member Cynthia Maxwell with her hawk, Lance at the future site of the Wildlife Crossing at Liberty Canyon, CA
Artist rendering of the Wildlife Corridor over the 101 Freeway in Agoura, CA

There is a 161 acre property called Liberty Canyon Estates which needs to be purchased as critical open space for this Wildlife Linkage. Acquisition of this property will add to the width of the Liberty Canyon Wildlife Corridor and thus will aide in the functionality of the Wildlife Linkage.  This property is north of the 101 Freeway adjacent to the Calabasas Landfill, City of Calabasas, and the Saratoga Hills neighborhood.  This property is shown as APN 2052-013- 041 and is situated in close proximity to the Liberty Canyon Road underpass and contains a section of blue line stream with riparian scrub. This large parcel provides both prime buffer to the underpass area and would protect the entire ridgeline on the eastside of the corridor. The other two properties also detailed in red, north of the 101, have recently been saved.