Malibu Lakeside

The natural creek found on the property serves as an essential flood control channel.

This Malibu Lakeside land was recorded as Lot 19 of the original Tract 7372 in 1926. These approximately four acres were then set aside for recreational use for all the residents of the substandard lots in this subdivision. This parcel has also historically served as a staging area for horses, trailers, and fire trucks when one of the frequent fires roar through our high fire area as the Santa Ana winds carry these fires towards the ocean.

Save Open Space supports that this vacant land be permanently preserved as open space. Community fundraising is underway to purchase this property for its ecological, historical, emergency evacuation, and flood control values. Watershed bond funds (the property boasts an essential flood control natural creek pictured) can also be used to purchase this critical 4 acres of vacant land. The accessible, flat central acreage in the heart of the hilly Malibu Lakeside subdivision needs to continue serving as a emergency location for staging during one of the many fires which sweep through our Santa Monica Mountains to Malibu.


Photos of Malibu Lakeside

SOS is working to provide permanent protection for the entire Malibu Lakeside property

Surrounded by mountains and home to towering sycamore and groves of oaks


1920’s Maypole is admired by frequent visits from nesting blue herons hunting in the grassy meadow


Historic Fountain from the 1920’s