Governor Newsom SIGNED California Bill AB 1788!

AB 1788 initiates a moratorium on 4 anticoagulant rodenticide in some but not all applications. It puts a temporary ban on the use of the four most widely used deadly rodent poisons by the commercial pest control service companies while permanent restrictions are formulated. 
We worked with our partner Raptors are the Solution through multiple legislative seasons to accomplish this.
We want to thank the many environmental groups, animal rights organizations, and all the citizens that supported this bill for many years.
We especially want to thank Assemblymember Richard Bloom, Senator Henry Stern, and Assemblymember Laura Friedman who co-authored the bill.
Also Jennifer Hauge of the Animal Legal Defense Fund who sponsored our dedicated lobbyist Sosan Madanat of Lighthouse Public Affairs. Both worked very hard to get AB 1788 through the whole process.

~ Poison Free Malibu

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NASA has just decided to demolish the historic Coca Test Stands that developed the rocket engines for the Apollo Program that sent man to the moon. We need to reverse this bad decision for the sake of history.

SAVE THE COCA TEST STANDS – Please immediately send NASA Director Bill Nelson a message asking NASA to save the historic Coca Test Stands at the Santa Susana Field Laboratory and preserve the legacy of the landing of man on the moon. 





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