• Save Open Space (SOS) fought to stop a developer’s highway to landlocked Jordan Ranch through Cheeseboro Canyon park unit in the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area (SMMNRA).
  • SOS directly blocked the development of 2300 acre Jordan Ranch (Palo Comado Canyon).The Jordan Ranch was then purchased as permanent national parkland saving thousands of oak trees and a critical watershed in SMMNRA.
  • SOS filed a legal challenge against the Liberty Canyon (Old Oren) development. As a result of the challenge, most of the Liberty Canyon property in Agoura was purchased as permanent parkland by a park agency.
  • SOS halted the Micor urban project in a Calabasas area sensitive hillside which was three times the allowed density. Most of this Micor property, including 400 oak trees and a wetland, is now saved as parkland by three agencies.
  • Save Open Space was instrumental in saving not only 2300 acre Jordan Ranch (now Palo Comado park unit of the SMMNRA) but also 5400 acre Ahmanson Ranch (now Las Virgenes Open Space Preserve) and 588 acre Gillette Ranch (now our national park’s visitor center).
  • SOS was involved with hearings on a Westlake Village development project, Westlake Vista. The developer proposed an 80-acre swap of the buildable Westlake Vista acres to preserve undevelopable Calabasas property.   Heeding the public hearing comments, Westlake Village’s City Council rezoned the property as “open space”, the most protective and restrictive zoning category.
  • After joining with Thousand Oaks’ residents, SOS helped protect Newbury Park’s “Rancho Potrero” core parkland habitat and helped preserve its bucolic scenic landscape.
  • Working with Old Agoura Homeowners, SOS helped preserve the entire 71 acre (the rest of the Liberty Canyon property) Chesebro Meadow which is a foraging area critical for the functioning  of the Liberty Canyon Wildlife Corridor.