~ PEER ~ Protect our Emergency Evacuation Routes

Protect our Emergency Evacuation Routes (PEER) has filed a public interest suit against the City of Agoura Hills on the grounds that the City failed to properly consider & analyze the potential impacts to emergency response, evacuation & wildfire risks when selecting sites for their recent housing plan. When approving this plan, our city concluded that recent zoning changes could have no impact on emergency response or evacuation “because no emergency response or evacuation plans have been adopted for the City.”

Drastic increases in residential density along our already overlycongested evacuation routes, including Driver Avenue & Kanan Road, could lead to tragic delays for the residents who rely on them. The city can & should meet its new housing needs without compromising public safety by utilizing safer feasible alternatives, such as those that our sister cities have used.


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We have an extremely strong case but we need help with funding to continue to move forward. If you oppose the upzoning of the Kanan shopping centers or the upzoning of the oak studded hillside on Driver & Colodny, please donate!


We are a 100% grassroots community group, comprised of residents from Agoura Hills and adjacent communities, who are dependent on the Kanan & Driver evacuation routes. Our objective is to keep our evacuation routes from becoming further congested by challenging the city’s new housing plan, by way of a public interest lawsuit.

Agoura Hills City Council Meeting 8/10/22

On August 10th, the Agoura Hills City Council approved the city’s new housing plan, in a 4-1 vote, with Chris Anstead as the dissenting vote. Here he lists the reasons why he’s not willing to approve the housing plan with the current sites included… 
resident safety in relation to our evacuation routes, lack of due diligence & the city’s unwillingness to consider viable, safer alternatives.